Continuing to make the case against sugar

In the past few years there have been several books and articles about sugar and its negative impact on our bodies. For some time high fructose corn syrup has been suspect, but sugar (sucrose) itself was considered to be healthy in moderation, or at least benign. Gary Taubes’ book “The Case Against Sugar” is one example of a new look at the history of sugar consumption and the studies done on sugar. More disturbing, though, is the fact that more information is coming out to suggest that the sugar industry controlled much of the information that was made available to the public about sugar consumption. A few links for recent articles on this topic:

  • “It’s getting clearer-the diet-cancer connection points to sugar and carbs”, Los Angeles Times:
  • “The sugar industry has been quietly funding one of the biggest misconceptions in modern nutrition”, Business Insider:
  • “Study tied to food industry tries to discredit sugar guidelines:, New York Times:


The best defense to the incorrect information out there, not only on sugar but everything we eat? Be an informed consumer, getting information from a number of unbiased information sources. Health coaches can be a great resource – many of us have websites with information on healthy eating.

Wishing you the best in this holiday season,

Coach Heather

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