Let’s talk about inflammation!

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Happy almost-Spring! In this blog post I’d like to discuss inflammation in the body. I’ve had a couple of clients recently who have been suffering from arthritis-like discomfort in their joints. One was eating wheat and I advised her to stop for 30 days to see if the symptoms improved. The results were inconclusive at this point-she feels a little better but we’re waiting to see what happens when she reintroduces wheat to her diet. The other client is on a gluten-free diet but eats corn products (mainly tortilla chips) sometimes as a gluten-free treat. On doing some research I discovered that not only is wheat a well-known cause of the inflammatory response, but corn products are as well. I asked her to cut out any corn product for 30 days as well and her discomfort was significantly reduced. Interestingly, she had been tested for food intolerances and while wheat tested positive, corn did not.

These cases were a great reminder that while Primal/Paleo diets emphasize removing gluten containing flours and sugar from the diet, there are a number of other foods that can cause inflammation in the body. Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter), eggs, sugar, and nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes) are known to cause inflammation in susceptible people. This can feel like an arthritic condition in some people.

If you’re having joint pain, I recommend going on a very clean diet like the Whole 30 for a month, then reintroducing questionable foods one at a time to see if the inflammation returns. If it does, you now that you need to remove the food from your diet for optimal health!

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