Primal success stories!

Happy February! In this post I’ll cover a couple of success stories around Primal/Paleo-type lifestyles. The first one is from someone you may have heard of: this guy named Tom Brady. Recent articles quote Tom as saying that he feels better at 39 than at 25-no injuries or soreness after games- and he credits his diet, which he doesn’t classify as Primal/Paleo but which sounds a lot like it. An interview with his family chef at details what they eat – no white flour, no white sugar or dairy. His diet is mostly vegetables, “whole grains” and lean meats. Additionally, all the grains mentioned are gluten-free: rice, quinoa, etc. So the Primal lifestyle may not make you a Super Bowl MVP, but it can make you feel better physically – just like Tom!

The second success story is my own Primal journey, which was recently published on the Mark’s Daily Apple blog. I was grateful to have the chance to express how much the Primal lifestyle has changed my life, and to thank Mark for all he has done to promote it. The post is at:


Yours in good health-Heather


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